Friday, January 27, 2012

Those Crazy Crows

Here is my latest art quilt. Those Crazy Crows,
this was very fun to make and I just added the
sparkles and beads.

I took several close ups as I quilted each area
slightly different.

I used my circle maker and then filled in.

I added glitter to the crows so they sparkle.
And they love shinny thinks like me.

More close ups.


Super close up of crow.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hawaiian Applique

Laura S's Hawaiian Applique, she will
gift this to her future granddaughter.

Close up of the adorable pineapple. I did a echo
with flare in the background.

I did pink swishing in the pineapple and
green vines in the top.

Here are the borders, continues curves in the
triangles and fern feathers in piano key border.

Here is the back, not a great shot, but I did water
swirls in the outer border, you can almost see it here.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dakota Prairie Quilt Guild Raffle quilt

Here is a overall picture, I could not hang this one,
it is simply to big. About 96"x110".

Close up of borders and spheres. I did piano keys in the
outer border and a little swirl in the small border.

I did circles in the spheres and squiggly lines in the points.
I did big and little loops in the inner border and pie
like shapes in the inner circle.

My take on McTavishing, I like to shake it up a bit.

Here is the back, it shows a bit more detail.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Using up my fabric

I used many of my smaller fabrics in this quilt, I only
purchased the black fabric to has some unity.
This is from the book Happy Hour, so fun and fast.

I quilted Fern panto on this and it is just beautiful.
I used two different battings in this quilt,
Hobbs wool and 80/20, so it is very warm and cozy.

Here is a pic of the back.
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