Thursday, July 25, 2013

Acid Stained Concete Floor

We are constructing an addition for our friends and we acid stained the concrete floor. Deb picked a turquoise color, it is so fabulous. We needed to protect the walls from the acid stain after going over a few ideas, Deb suggested Glad Press n Seal. Yep it works wonderfully. We did tape the bottom and a few places on the top to make sure it stayed in place as this process was a bit lengthy.

Here is the floor with just the turquoise stain on it. The top picture is the new floor and the bottom one is of the old room, the floors look different as the cement guys were different and the old room is several years old, and the old room has a sealer on it, we had to strip that off and scrub the floor clean. This room looks distresses instead of swirly like the new floor.

Here is the new addition with three coast of sealer.

And the finished project with two coats of wax. The floors look really cool. They remind me of batik fabric. I cant wait to see the finished project, just a few short days away from getting Deb's quilting room completed!

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  1. Wow - you guys did a great job - have to come down one day.