Monday, July 28, 2014

Quilted Steering Wheel Cover

Ok here is a fun gift idea for you quilters out there! I made this fun steering wheel cover from some left over fabric. I saw a few on Pinterest and really liked the look. Plus if you live in the southern region as I do, well you need it. The steering wheel gets mighty hot here! And naturally it's cute! I get lots of envious looks. (Well not really, but I am sure someone would like to spirit away my fabulous cover!)

So here are the directions:

    1. Measure the circumference of your steering wheel. Mine was 49”
    2. Measure around girth (where you hold onto), mine was almost 4”
    3. For this steering wheel I cut my main fabric 6” x 50 ½” , I did have to piece, you could use up scraps like I did, or just piece your fabric together. For the lining I cut it slightly smaller, 4 ¼” x 49” and my batting about 4” x 49”.

    4. I laid them wrong sides together with the batting in the middle and sewed down the center to secure the layers. I only used one seam and I used my serpentine stitch on my Bernina #4 and lengthened it.
    I said "hello" to my lovely Mr. Bernina 175, and he said "Well its about time you got around to me today!"

    5. I ironed over ¼” on both long sides of the main fabric, then folded over about 3/8” to ½” and sew this down along the fold to make the casing for elastic.

     Here you can see the serpentine stitch.

    6. Stretch your ¼” elastic to the 49“ or the length of your steering wheel, cut 2. I pulled my elastic almost to the max and I added about 1”.
    7. Insert the elastic by using a Blodkin or old style - safety pin to both sides. Add a safety pin to the end so it will not pull all the way through, and sew down each end once you have pulled it though enough to stitch . I did stitch several times back and forth to secure.
    Let the fun begin. My least favorite thing...pulling the elastic through.
     Elastic stitched in place. Ugh, blurry picture, sorry.

    8. I laid the end together and folded one end inside the other so no raw edges were showing and I stitched them together. Like a French seam or flat folded seam. Or you can finish this however you want.
    Make sure you don't twist your cover at this time. I off set the ends by 3/4". That is the side I folded over and made the flat folded seam.

    9. Put this on your steering wheel and enjoy!

Alternative method would be to use polar fleece as the lining and batting, this should still help keep the steering wheel from burning your hand and help it not slip on the steering wheel as much. I will have to try one.

*Note I have tried this on several steering wheels and it seems to fit them all so far. Experiment with different widths of fabric. You may like to keep the steering wheel cover you have on your car and layer this one over it. That is what I did in the Saturn. Extra cushion and added layers for the heat. Someone suggested using the rubber liner you get for your shelves on the inside to keep your quilted cover from slipping on the wheel. You could just put one to three small square on the inside and stitch them down. Let us know what works for you! Happy Stitching.
P.S. Use these directions at your our risk! Hahaha.


  1. This is indeed a smart and DIY idea. I used to cover mine with a piece of cloth, but you know it was never attractive. This looks quite nice.

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