Thursday, June 9, 2016

Here are the nineteen quilts we quilted for the Sun Vista ladies this year. 
They put on a great show every year!
Thank you Sun Vista for trusting us to quilt for you! 


  1. I spent several years in that sewing room, but didn't spend a lot of money. I turned two narrow cabinets into a custom cutting table simply by placing them back-to-back. Now I am enjoying making my own designs. I will definitely try the patterns you have shared. Car Insurance Old Car

  2. I believe that the process of creating a beautiful quilt starts with finding the right pattern. And I find your blog the best resource for creative quilt patterns explorations.

  3. Thats pretty interesting idea for the quilter. I was looking for the designs as i have purchase a sewing Machines for Quilting few days back. It gives me idea to make my own quilt.